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Portable Pulsatile Pump (SHS-1000) vascular

1) Pump Specifications

-Test Fluid: Water, PBS, Blood Analog

-Frequency: 3-160 BPM

-Stroke Volume: 0-80ml

-Max Fluid Pressure: 200mmHg

-Waveforms: Sinusoidal



-Weight: 6.5kg(14lb) 

2.) Control System Features

-Adjustable Stroke Volume

-Water temperature showed on screen (with sensor option)

-Integrated temperature control (with heating option)

3.) Support Equipment (Optional)

-Built-in Temperature Sensor

  Range: 0-100C

  Accuracy: +-0.5C


  Range: 0.7-4L/min; 1.5-10L/min

  Accuracy: 0.5%/1%

-Pressure Sensor

  Range: 0-250mmHg

  Accuracy: +-2mmHg

-Water Heating Device

  Max Range: 50C

  Accuracy: +-1C

-Piston Membrane (Consumable parts)

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