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To provide world class, high quality, and effective testing services, design optimization, R&D support, and patient-specific simulated use systems.


  • Physician Training Models

  • Biomedical Engineering Models

  • Sales Demonstration Models

  • Clinical Education

Medical Implant Mechanics LLC (MIM) is a California based company established in 2006. Our mission is to provide customers with the most advanced, highest quality and timely mechanics solutions and services both analytically and experimentally. MIM offers structural finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and customized mechanical testing on a variety of implantable medical devices including stents, filters, stented grafts, heart valves, transcatheter valves and orthopedic products. MIM's extensive FEA, CFD and experimental expertise are integrated with our knowledge of materials and devices to provide the best quality designs before device prototyping process begins.




Our MIM Irvine facility has a range of Fatigue and Durability Testing platforms. We have dynamic and static test machines, fatigue test machines, and valve durability testers. Our testing can be done on stents, heart valves, soft tissues, elastomer, biofilm, medical structure unit, and orthopedic medical apparatus and instruments. MIM also provides material evaluation services, including tensile tests per ASTM E8 and F2516, breakdown potential test per ASTM F2129, and transformational temperature test.

MIM offers Particulate Testing which is used to prove device coating integrity, e.g., the guidewire’s coating maintains its integrity and does not generate particulate material under simulated worst-case use conditions.


MIM renders Cyclic Potentiodynamic Polarization Testing per ASTM F2129 to determine the corrosion susceptibility of implantable medical devices. MIM performs corrosion tests on implantable medical devices to assess the potential pitting, crevice, galvanic or fretting effects caused by the device design.



MIM’s new Vascular Division can design custom anatomical 3D models from patient-specific DICOM/CT data or MRI’s using various 3D materials as well as silicone, acrylics, and polyurethanes.  MIM developed a new dry lubricant coating called Vessel Glide which is designed to make silicone models lubricious but still transparent.

Also new to MIM is the Portable Pulsatile Pump which brings life to our silicone models. The SHS-1000 model is an inexpensive alternative to current portable pulse duplicators on the market. Its light weight makes it more suitable for sales demonstrations and physician training. The SHS-2000 Pulse Duplicator has data acquisition and storage, arbitrary waveform and is designed for R&D. 



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